Monday, August 23, 2010

Viking Kirov rammed by a barge in the Rybinks Reservoir

18th August:
Early Wednesday morning a sand barge ran into the Russian river cruise ship, Sergei Kirov, causing damage to the starboard side of the cruise ship. Kirov is operated by Viking River Cruises and was currently on a 13-day European cruise from St. Petersburg, Russia to Moscow, Russia. The Huffington Post reported that the collision occurred in the Rybinsk Reservoir, with none of the 202 passengers and 91 crew members suffering any injuries.
Although there were no reported injuries, the passengers and crew faced the inconvenience of a shortened cruise itinerary.

The 13-day cruise started in St. Petersburg, Russia on August 10, 2010 and was expected to arrive in Moscow on August 22, 2010. After departing Yaroslavl on the evening of August 17, 2010, the Viking Kirov sailed north, up the Volga River and into the Rybinsk Reservoir, Russia's largest man-made lake.

Officials said: “The crew listed the ship immediately and began bailing water out and removing property from [flooded] cabins. The water was pumped out, and a patch was improvised from inside.”

Two ships were sent to evacuate passengers, but eighty-three of them refused to travel on a lower-class ship than the Sergei Kirov, so a third motor ship had to be sent for them.

Since the incident occured it has been reported that the captain of the barge was sent for a breathalyzer test...