Tuesday, June 22, 2010


PHSEW!!  11th hour clearance for take-off! 
It is 11am and we have just received confirmation from Zurich that SWISS Air will accept Patty's POC machine on board.  Yeee-haaa! We are all packed and ready to go!  Thank you Lisa from Flight Centre Pinetown who has worked through the night, many phone calls to Zurich, Johannesburg, Doctors, medical centres etc etc...

The POC (Portable Oxygen Concentrator) is a small (-2.5kg), handbag sized, battery operated machine that provides oxygen from the air.  It comes with a waistbelt belt battery that lasts for up to 8 hours.  For people with respiratory problems, it is an absolute boon.

Our flying schedule:
3pm - 4pm Durban to Johannesburg.
7:30pm from Johannesburg Zurich - arriving at 6h10am
9h20 from Zurich to St Petersburg - arriving at 14h20
Hopefully, after clearing customs, a representative holding a Viking River Cruises sign with the name of our ship will meet us and porters will then take our luggage to the transfer buses. Transfer to the ship takes approximately 45 minutes.
Viking advised that:
Sometimes, your transfer will wait for people arriving on other flights. The wait time for these guests is rarely more than 30 minutes, but could be as long as one hour.  If your flight to St. Petersburg is delayed or if you miss your connecting flight, call the transfer company or your ship directly with your new flight details. They will make every effort to meet you when you arrive. If you are not met due to a delayed or missed flight, follow the instructions for  On Your Own Transfers.

Syl and Patty - over and out!

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