Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Everything went well travelling yesterday.  Mango staff forgot us at the Assist waiting area, even though I reminded them at check in 3 times that we were waiting.  Finally they were calling our name when someone came to take Patty to the plane.  With SWISS air all went well.
Had a quiet flight. I watched Alice in Wonderland but keept dozing off so don't really know if they got the Queen of Hearts or not.
We were woken at 4h15 for breakfast and landed just after 6am.  We now have a 2 hour wait before we board our flight to St Petersburg where we will arrive at about 14h30.  The Alps were covered in snow when we flew over and it made me think of this time 4 years ago when our little group crossed the Alps from Switzerland to Italy on our way to Rome.

Patty is doing fine but her ankles have puffed up and her feet are swollen.  I've got her sitting in the wheelchair with her feet up on a chair reading her YOU magazine.  I also gave her a coffee - hopefully it will work as a diuretic and get rid of some of the fluid build up.

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