Monday, June 14, 2010

6 more Sleeps and Plan B!

We have got 6 more sleeps!! 

Patty and I have been buying pretty, floaty, little lightweight summer tops for our Summer Holiday in Russia.  And then I checked the weather forecast for St Petersburg - it is COLD!!  5°C and 15°C on Monday, 7°C and 16°C on Tueday!! 
Yikes!  That is Jossi's weather ........brrrrrrrrrr!   So, it is on to Plan B.

Plan B - a few long sleeve warm tops (to wear underneath the pretty little things), leggings, socks, scarves and jackets.  It is summer in Russia - well, early summer - and the temperatures look much like winter in Durban! Excepting for the sunrise and sunset times which are vastly different. In St Petersburg today the sun rose as at 04h35 and sunset will be at 23h24.

St Petersburg's daily temperatures range from 9°C to 20°C and Moscow, which is 650km further south, is getting warmer. By Sunday it will be 14°C and 26°C and next Wednesday 16°C and 30°C !! Lets hope we have some hot weather when we get there in two weeks time!

We have checked our tickets, vouchers, FOREX, necessary letters for Patty to fly and take her POC (Personal Oxygen Concentrator), We are still trying to sort out the plug adaptors for the POC battery charger and my laptop.
The map shows where the cruise - Waterways of the Tsars - begins in St Petersburg and ends in Moscow.  We will sail through the largest and second largest lakes in Europe, Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega, visiting islands and villages along the way.
The boat is the Viking Kirov and that is a graphic of our cabin. Unlike ocean cruisers, they don't have bunks or port holes so we should be pretty comfortable.
This is where I will post updates of our adventure so please visit us often!
Patty and Syl


  1. Good luck to both of you. It's always awesome when a dream comes true.

  2. Praying for a wonderful and safe trip for you both! Looking forward to hearing all about it on your blog too - have an awesome experience of a lifetime - enjoy and may God go with you!! :)

  3. Hambani kahle, you bouncing babushkas, you! We'll be tracking you as you go. Patty, take your sketching things and do the illustrations to Syl's text when the book comes out. Reach for that dream and remember if for ever. Love from the soon-to-be-Faroff Haarhoffs

  4. Patty has always been frightened of the KGB so you sisters just behave yourselves - not too much Vodka and Russian dancing!
    Come back safely.

  5. I will be following your every move so beware! They say that there is nothing better than NEAT Russian Vodka so if you get cold, you know what to do.

    Enjoy your time to the fullest and have fun fun fun. Take care and keep safe. You are both in my prayers.

    Lots of love

    Rene x x x

  6. Enjoy yourselves, and Pat we want loads of photo's'. Take care and any tips you can pick up on handling Russian in-laws will be much appreciated!!

  7. My patty poos feet look so sore!! The only thing you can do is get water tabs so that you can flush away that water. I suggest you go and see the DOC just in case. I had the same problem 6 years ago and they were worried about deep vein thrombosis. PLEASE have it checked out ok!! Love you both lots. 'Don't be good x x x x x x xRenex